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Part II following previous Part I blog: Ah-Shi Points – “Ouch” Points: The Cold, Hard Truth about Ah-Shi Points In Part One of this two-part series, we went over the nature of Ah-Shi points. We discussed how the muscle tissues tighten and become knotted. This can occur spontaneously due to physical or emotional stress, injury or disease. The result is the same: the tissues shut down, not allowing blood and chi to flow. The animal then [READ POST]

AH-SHI POINTS – “OUCH” POINTS: The Cold, Hard Truth About Ah-Shi Points

AH-SHI POINTS – “OUCH” POINTS: The Cold, Hard Truth About Ah-Shi Points Part I of a Two-Part Series Ah-Shi points are places on the body where the muscle tissue matrix tightens, becomes shorter, and thickens. When muscle tissue thickens and becomes knotted and hard, it can put pressure on nerves. In response to this pressure, nerves send pain signals. In turn, these signals cause pain that leads to restricted movement, which the [READ POST]

Supporting Cooper with Canine Acupressure

Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute Cooper is a Mini-Dachshund who was surrendered to the Denver Dumb Friends League (HSUS) at the age of 6 or so. The only information they had on this emaciated little guy was that his original people bought him in a pet store, he was in a crate for 14 hours/day. They were getting divorced and nobody could keep him. In a difficult situation t his might have been the  [READ POST]

Canine Osteoarthritis

By Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow Older dogs are prone to developing arthritis. However, young dogs can develop arthritis due to trauma to the joint, hereditary malformations, breeding issues, unstable joints, poor diet, and infection. Early detection is key to slowing the degenerative process and managing the dog’s level of pain. Indicators of canine arthritis include: Reluctance to play, walk, run, climb, jump Swelling and heat  [READ POST]

Equine Grief and The Bladder Meridian

By Waldine Hilton, Tallgrass Participant from Victoria, Australia A short time ago an old horse was kindly helped with his new journey to the new world. When I visited the other horses four days later the energy of the place was heavy laden. The owner has 6 horses on the property and she wanted me to have a look a horse. The horse gave me the impression he was grieving and my hands were drawn to the emotional channel of the Bladder meri [READ POST]

Marketing Tip: Client Retention Part 1

By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis Part 1 of a 3-part series Just think of all the time, money, and energy you have invested in having a client. It’s a lot! The important part of building a clientele for your animal acupressure/Tui Na practice is keeping your clients so you don’t have to constantly invest in new clients. How do you retain clients? It all boils down to good communication. Building rapport with the animal’s [READ POST]

Feline Acupressure Healthcare

By Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow Many people think that cats would not enjoy acupressure, wow, are they wrong. Most cats really appreciate intentional touch especially when they really need it. Cats do not like to be “over-touched.” Keep the acupressure session short and sweet. Performing an Opening should be good since you are formulating and communicating your healing with the cat. We suggest you go right into Point Work, or as soon  [READ POST]

The Coprophagic Mare…Penny the Poop-Eater

By: Diane Wilson and Lynn Caldwell, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Practitioners ( Penny is a 10-year-old Paint Mare with a long-standing habit of manure eating – her own manure and others’. Bleh! Healthy in every other respect, and having been assessed by her veterinarian with no conclusive medical issues, her owners called us, hoping acupressure might help to eliminate (excuse the pun) this behavior.  [READ POST]

Joining Forces with NBCAAM

By Amy Snow (, Immediate Past-Chair, NBCAAM The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM) is for everyone involved in hands-on bodywork with animals and that includes all forms of touch therapies such as Tellington-Touch, Healing Touch, Shiatsu, etc. As a practitioner in these fields we all have the same concerns regarding: Working with the veteri [READ POST]

Marketing Tip: Client Communication Part 2

By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis Part 2 of a 3-part series Communication is a two-way activity. However, as an animal acupressure practitioner your role is to gather information about your animal client and his guardian while being available, open and caring. In other words, your job is to LISTEN. And not just listening to respond, but listening to understand and ask good, open-ended questions to help the guardian tell you what is going on  [READ POST]