Points for Impaction Colic

Acu-Points for Impaction Colic

There are several types of colic including spasmodic, flatulent or gas, and impaction. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, these types of colic are a result of an imbalance in Chi energy.

For instance, in TCM a simple impaction colic (one not requiring surgery) results from a dry Large Intestine pattern. In this state there is often a less peristalitic movement and a pale, dry, tongue. This pattern of imbalance shows a deficiency of fluids in the Large Intestine, and is often the result of a Yin, or Blood deficiency.

In TCM we would work points to restore the fluid balance of the intestines, and strengthen Yin. The chart below shows the location, function, and traditional name of the points suggested for this type of colic. These acupoints will help increase fluids in the large intestine and stomach.

St 25 Heavenly Pillar Alarm Point for the Large Intestine. Use for abdominal disorders and to increase circulation.
St 30 Penetrating Chi Regulates Stomach Chi and promotes Stomach Essence. Relieves pain and swelling of the abdomen.
St 39 Lower Great Emptiness Regulates the function of the Stomach and Intestines. Stops pain. Eliminates Wind.
Sp 6 Three Yin Meeting Relieves gastrointestinal disorders. Junction of the 3 Yin channels of the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver. Master Point for the rear portion of the abdomen. Relieves pain.
BI 25 Large Intestine Transporting Regulates the Large Intestines. Relieves abdominal pain, gas, and constipation.
BI 27 Small Intestine Transporting Relieves indigestion and lower abdominal pain