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Acupressure & Kidney Feline Disorder

Please, share with your friendsBy Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, Founders of TgAAI     The difficulty with feline kidney disorder is, when it becomes clinically recognizable and/or a blood test shows evidence of kidney dysfunction, we are dealing with a condition that requires constant management at best.  Cats can live a full, active life for […]


Amazing Acupressure #5

Please, share with your friendsKidney 27, Shu-Fu, Shu Mansion / Conveying Place / Elegant Mansion Transport House/ Transporting Point Kidney 27 (Ki 27) is a fascinating and amazing acupressure point because different acupressure disciplines ascribe different energetic attributes to it.  Even the English translation of its name varies more widely than with most other acupoints. […]