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Acupressure and Massage Benefit Equine Cervical Issues

Please, share with your friends By Denise Theobald, CSCM and Tallgrass Publishers There are so many ways a horse may injure its cervical vertebrae or damage the muscles and tendons of the neck, from participation in demanding sports, being ridden with ill-fitting tack, being ridden improperly, by pulling back when tied, trailering, and more. Such […]

What's in a smell?

What’s in a Smell?

Please, share with your friendsBy:  Amy Snow, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure What’s in a Smell you ask? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we use an assessment technique called “The Four Examinations.” The Four Examinations are: Observation, Listening / Smelling, Inquiry or History, and Physical Palpation. This method of data collection about the animal leads to identifying […]

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The Art and Science of Canine Massage

Please, share with your friendsBy: Denise Theobald, Director & Owner, Chicago School of Canine Massage Recently, I have been stewing over some information that has come out in the veterinary community regarding integrative therapies and canine rehabilitation therapy. First, let me explain what integrative therapies are and exactly what rehabilitation means. Integrative therapies are health care […]

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Use Acupressure and Massage for Low Back Soreness

Please, share with your friendsBy: Denise Theobald, CSCM and Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow, TgAAI Whether your dog is a competitive athlete or your household best friend, when they experience Low Back Soreness (LBS), we all want to relieve the discomfort as quickly as possible. Acupressure and massage are two effective healing modalities that work […]